In the coming time, small & big changes will take place in my salon/at HÁZ that should ensure that the service, quality and the way of working as I want to offer it is guaranteed. These include price increases, adjustments in treatments, attracting employees and adjustments that support my ambition in international backstage work.

Booking of combination appointments on the website / adjustments
To make it easier, combination appointments that previously had to be booked/checked separately have been changed. It caused confusion and several emails were sent which was inconvenient and confusing. The combinations are now all merged (under combinations) and are Cut & Root Color, Cut & Full Color and Cut & Balayage/Highlights. You no longer need to select various appointment types In addition, in the background of the booking module some things will be adjusted. In some cases it is possible that logging in does not work, in that case I ask you to contact us so that we can solve this.

Price changes
There will be price increases for many treatments. Inflation, recent increase of cost and the corona crisis are the main causes. Because every hair (and person) is different and requires its own approach, I spend a lot of time and attention on the treatments, and because I think it is very important that I offer this service and can continue to do so in this way, its necessary to adjust my priced accordingly. The prices have now been updated on my website, and take effect on <date>. I hope for your understanding for this.

Blow dry & correct price checkout
In recent years I often did a blow-dry by ‘cut & style’. I gladly added this as an extra service, but from <date> I will charge this as the correct service/appointment type – namely ‘cut & blow-dry’. This option is of course in consultation. It means that if you have booked Cut & Style – there will be ‘styled’ after the cut (not blow-dried), and that if you book Cut & Blow-dry you will be blow-dried afterwards. It is from that date more or less as the name suggests.

Short/medium/long hair
In the booking module on the website, a distinction is now made for treatments/appointment types between short, medium and long hair (short/medium/long). If any doubt, you can contact me.

National & international stylist & hairdressing
In recent years I have devoted a lot of time and attention to national and international training courses and fashion shows/events. Many of you already know about this or have experienced this because appointments had to be rescheduled (for which I thank you for all your flexibility and understanding).

As a result, I am now a high-level trainer for Kevin Murphy Netherlands, and I am part of Kevin Murphy’s international team as a session stylist for which I am frequently asked at various national and international fashion shows/backstage work. I will continue to pay a lot of attention to this part of the hairdressing profession in the coming time. It makes my profession lively and fun, and I gain a lot of experience with it that benefits my quality and skills and which also flows back to you. The intention is to fill the gaps in the agenda as a result by recruiting additional staff. The preparations for this are almost ready and the application rounds will start in the foreseeable future.

Do you like to get an impression of the backstage work I’ve done lately, there are photos on my website and Instagram.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this email, please do not hesitate to contact us.